Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Painting: Pike & Shotte/Pikemans Lament - English Civil War: Parliamentarian Trotters

I have completed part of this months target, the English civil war parliamentarian trotters.

As ever the majority of the colours used are from the Vallejo colour range, unless indicated otherwise.

I started with a grey undercoat.

I painted the riders first, starting with the tunic using Plague Brown (72.039), then the pistols wood with Beasty Brown (72.043), the metal for the pistol was painted with Gunmetal grey (70.863).
Leather including the sword scabbard was painted with Charred Brown (72.045)
Boots were painted with GW Abaddon black
Any other metal (armour, gauntlet, buckles, helmet etc) was painted with Chainmail Silver (72.053)
The sword hilt was painted with Bright Bronze (72.057) then Glorious Gold (72.056)
The sash and trousers were painted with Imperial Blue (72.020)
I tried to paint the hair differently; one in GW Iyanden Darksun (Foundation Yellow), one in Beasty Brown (72.043), one in GW Abaddon Black, One in Leather (72.040), one in Earth (72.062) and one in Plague Brown (72.039)
Flesh was painted with Tan (72.066) then highlighted with Dwarf skin(72.041), then washed with AP soft tone
Once all the base colours were on and the riders were tidied various washes were applied.
Tunic & light colour hair: AP soft tone
Leather and dark hair: AP Strong tone
Pistol and sword hilt: P3 Armour Wash
Sash and trousers: AP Blue tone, then highlight with Magic blue (72.021)

The horses were painted using the instructions found here: https://www.facebook.com/brushstroke.painter/photos/ms.c.eJxFzcENwDAMQtGNKoLt2Oy~;WCXUpNenjyCUgKJzdezUQ8OoDFofCMQkon4oQ84B0pOdtxhD32KlJ3FeFNWFrbkTjgvWCyN9HpY~-.bps.a.2094007537507166.1073741883.1691782607729663/2094009374173649/?type=3&theater
The paints indicated in that link are all GW paints so I used the dakkadakka forum paint conversion chart https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint_Range_Compatibility_Chart.
With the exception of Eshin Grey which I had to make by mixing black and Cold Grey (72.050).
The saddle and various straps were painted with Charred Brown (72.045). On some of the horses I then painted the saddle with Beasty Brown (72.043). The saddles were washed with AP strong tone.

The bases were then painted Charred Brown (72.045), covered in PVA and dipped in sand, once dry the sand was painted Charred Brown (72.045), covered in PVA again and covered in static grass.

  • Tunic: Plague Brown (72.039) wash with AP Soft Tone
  • Sash and trousers: Imperial Blue (72.020), AP Blue tone, then highlight with Magic blue (72.021)
  • Leather gloves, straps and scabbard: Charred Brown (72.045)
  • Pistols: Beasty Brown (72.043) & Gunmetal grey (70.863).
  • Sword hilt: Bright Bronze (72.057) then Glorious Gold (72.056), P3 Armour Wash
  • Helmet, Buckles, stirrups: Chainmail Silver (72.053), P3 Armour Wash
  • Flesh: Tan (72.066), highlighted with Dwarf skin(72.041), then AP soft tone 
  • Hair: GW Iyanden Darksun (Foundation Yellow), Beasty Brown (72.043), GW Abaddon Black, Leather (72.040), Earth (72.062) and Plague Brown (72.039)


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