Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Miniatures: Bolt Action - Soviet Infantry

After months and months of trying to convince me to get into Bolt Action my friend Grum finally persuaded me and I invested in the warlord 500 point Soviet set (

As per the link it consisted of a box of infantry, a mortar and a medium machine gun.

In this post I will be looking at the box of soviet infantry

In the box you get 40 infantry; 5 sprues each with 8 alternative posed bodies on them.Then there is more than enough arms and heads to build all 40 and still have spares, as well as lots of detail items such as magazine cases and entrenching tools

Further to this there is 3 weapon sprues which contains rifles, PPSH, PTSD rifles, an LMG and all sorts of other accesories.

Now those of you that have read my previous posts about the Warlord products you'll know that I don't seem to have much luck with them (although to be fair they usually resolve any issues quickly). This case is no different and inside my infantry box were instructions for winter Soviet infantry, which I quickly learnt meant the arm layout didn't match those on the sprue.

After raising a query on a Bolt Action Facebook page some kind soul provided me with the correct instructions, and I have now inserted them here to help any other gamers who finds them-selves in the same situation I did.

Now the issue I have with these instructions as they don't really explain the arm layout; so for example if you wanted some aiming arms or "charging" arms it's unclear which to select and results in painstaking moving of arms and associated weapon to get the look you desired - unless i'm just being an idiot.

So Warlord if you read this please adjust the instructions to reflect clear definitions of what type of arms they are.

The models themselves had quite a few mold lines, which are easily removed. However it seems I was quite lazy and impatient in my building process and I have noticed quite a few still have these as I paint them,

The models come away with relative ease from the sprue, and again any excess plastic can be removed.

Now while I'm talking about plastic; I used ploystyrene cement to put these together, now I haven't used this glue is some time. As such I don't know if it's my lack of recent experience with it, if the glue strength has changed or if it's the plastic warlord use, eitherway I have found that the plastic has melted.
I know this is part of the process of using poly cement on plastic but the melting has turned the hands into indistinguishable blobs, and you can see the telltale melting marks in other locations on the models, so heed my warning fellow gamers and use the glue sparingly or use a different glue

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Painting: Dropzone Commander - Scourge: Corruptor

Sorry for not posting anything in a little while, life has been a bit hectic.
Not to mention the fact I have invested in 3 new system! I am seriously a gaming whore.

So moving on from dwelling on the new investments (no idea where I'm going to store them) here is how I painted my Scourge Corruptors and Razor worms.

As per my previous posts all paints used are from the Vallejo Colour range unless indicated otherwise:


  • Firstly I started with Halfords Black Matt Primer.
  • Next was an all coat of Hexed Lichen (72.015). Previously painted Scourge were then covered in Army Painter Dark Tone but I forgot to do it on these (teach me not to reference my own blog).
  • Next Squid pink (72.013) was drybrushed all over. Escorpena Green (72.032) was then applied to the sensors, and vents. Gun Metal (72.054) was used on the rim of the vents on the top. GW Nuln oil was then applied to the areas of gun metal. Army painter dark tone was added to the vents.
  • Then was a stage that I forgot how time consuming it was to do! Applying Bonewhite (72.034) takes patience that's for sure!
  • I then tidied up the model; cleaning up the Bonewhite over-spill as best I could. Then Matt Varnish (70.520) was applied all over.

Now, separate from the painting I found that the flight widget was a tight fit on the flight peg so removing it for storage was going to be difficult. As such I removed the part of the widget that enters into the model and glued a magnet there, then, as you can expect, I glued another magnet into the hole on the corruptor when the widget would go.

Razor Worms

  • Firstly I started with Halfords Black Matt Primer.
  • Next was an all coat of Hexed Lichen (72.015), once dry Squid pink (72.013) was drybrushed all over the "top" of the worms
  • Bonewhite (72.034) was then applied to the claws underneath
  • Then I applied Matt Varnish (70.520) on the top of the worm and Gloss Varnish (70.510) on the underneath of the worm, I did this to give the worm a slimy look.
  • Then I covered the base in fine ballast

There we have it, two corruptors and their sinister cargo ready for the battlefield