Thursday, 31 January 2019

Painting: Games Workshop: Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt: Bladegheist Revenants

Following the completion of my Bladegheist Revenants as part of my January objective I thought it's time that I document the process I follow.

In most cases I used Vallejo game colour paints, where a different make was used it's indicated as such.

I started with a White undercoat

Next I painted the swords, masks and chains with GW Abaddon black

I wanted the sword hilts to look old and rusted so went for a copper oxide look, using the following process:
Bright Bronze (72.057)
Glorious Gold (72.056)
AP Green tone
Watered down turquoise (72.024)
Watered down Livery green (72.033)

Next I painted the sword with multiple coats of thinned Silver (72.052)

The chains and masks were painted with Chainmail (72.053), with the hooks being painted Bright Bronze then Glorious Gold (I find find bronze makes a great undercoat for gold)

I then washed the chains and masks with AP dark tone

Next I used Dead White (72.001) to go over the areas where the metal colours spilt over (this can take several coats), I also applied Dead White (72.001) where the undercoat hadn't quite covered sufficiently

Then I applied AP green tone on ethereal robes, starting with lots at the top and moving downwards so it thins out as it move down.

Next I touch up the arms with Dead White (72.001) and then dry brush the green cloth with white

Some of the models had gravestones on the base these were painted as follows:
Sombre grey (72.048)
Cold grey (72.050)
Stonewall grey (drybrush) (72.049)

With the models complete I covered the base in sand, painted the base in Charred Brown (72.045), the edges in black. The, using PVA I stick cotton wool to the base to create a ghostly fog look

Jan - objective complete, onwards to February

Well January has come to a close and with it I have achieved my target for the month.

Granted half way through January I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but then I smashed everything out.

After I achieved my intended goal for the January I decided to work on some models that had been overlooked for a while and so based the below.

With January complete it's time to plan for February.

So models to be painted in February will be
4 glaive wraith stalkers.
1 Cadian vox caster
1 Cadian standard bearer
1 autogun weapon team

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

An attempt at a return

So it's 2019! Happy new year.

Essentially 2018 was a terrible year for my blog, barely posting anything, due to a case of pretty much painting what has already been blogged about, hectic personal life and massive case of CBA (taking and editing photos is a big pita!).

However I would like this year to be different; not only does this blog help me document my painting process but it also is a good link when people ask how I painted a model and what paints I used.

Further to this I want to set myself monthly goals in an attempt to not only record what I've achieved painting wise in a year but also to provide some drive to finish models/armies that have been sat incomplete for months.

So for January I plan to finish
A unit of 10 Genestealer cult Neophytes
A unit of 10 Nighthaunt bladegheist
2 Sentinels

Maybe I'm overdoing it in the first month but only time will tell.