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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Quick wargaming Terrain: Quick Ruins

In this post I will go through how I have made quick generic ruins suitable for various games including frostgrave & Bolt Action.

I started with an empty box of dishwasher tablets.

With a pair of scissors I cut out "ruin" shapes, and some window holes.

There you have it 4 ruins in less than 10 minutes, that's a result if you ask me! These could be used as they are on the tabletop straight away but I wanted to add a little more depth.

So, using a glue gun I glued the card to 2mm PVC sheet that had been cut to size. I then cut the ends of "lolly sticks" and snapped them in half to get a broken/jaggered effect, then glued them down using the glue gun. I also added small pieces of balsa wood as window ledges.

I then sprayed the ruins black, then sprayed them grey.

I painted the wood with Besty Brown (72.043).
I applied PVA to various points and added large ballast, I then spinkled small ballast over the piles.

The wood was washed with Army painter Strong tone.
Areas where the Besty Brown had spread over were touched up with Cold Grey

There you have it, simple card ruins suitable for various systems