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Monday, 12 January 2015

Necromunda Campaign

In my youth (or should I say as a Juve) I always wanted to play necromunda, but none of my friends wanted to at the time nor did I have the funds to invest.

But now in my mid-thirties my local gaming club is running a campaign:


So one Escher gang later:

The campaign begins - first game and its a win for my "Sisters of Acquisition" with no losses.

The campaign continues tonight....

About Me:

I've been wargaming for 22 years...starting with Warhammer (like most), dipping into various armies before settling on Skaven and Orc & Goblin.

However over the past 3 years my interest in Warhammer and all things GW waned, leading me to games such as

Across the Dead Earth
(Just rules)

All Quiet on the Martian Front (KS Backer)

  • Martian
  • US
  • BEF

DropZone Commander

  • Scourge

Firestorm Armada

  • Dindrenzi
  • Sorylian

Flames of War

  • Soviets
  • British


  • Nomads


  • Escher

Pike & Shotte: English civil war:

  • Parliament 

Wasteman (KS backer)

  • Pending

... so yeah I'm fully immersed in wargaming, my name is Karl and I am a wargamer ;-)

The beginning...

Well it's 2015, and I set my resolution to create a blog; mainly as a way of documenting my painting process; terrain building and games I play...

...as you can tell by the date I'm a little behind. Must try harder...

The plan is to post at least once a week...so watch this space.