Thursday, 28 January 2016

Painting: Dropzone Commander - Scourge:Harbinger

Well the oppressor can't go to battle without it's transport, so here it is:

After painting the cramp inducing Oppressor the Harbinger was positively easy!
As ever Vallejo paints have been used unless otherwise stated

I started - as with the other scourge models I've painted so far - with Halford Matt Black primer, then liberally painted with Hexed Lichen (72.015)

After the Hexed Lichen was dry I coated the model with Army painter Dark Tone, after which Squid pink (72.013) was drybrushed all over.


Next I painted the sensors,vents and arc caster "teeth" with Escorpena Green (72.032) and the vent rim, engines and bottom with Gun Metal (72.054)


Army painter Army painter Dark Tone was applied to the vents, and GW Nuln oil to the areas on the bottom painted with Gun Metal. Once the washes were dry, I then drybrushed the bottom with Chainmail silver (72.053) and the vents with Livery green (72.033)

Next I painted the spine and other lines with Bonewhite (72.034). The Harbinger has beautiful lines that are nice and thick, with very few faint thin lines. The only thing I found was that due to the larger nature of spine parts Bonewhite looked flat, so I washed it with Army Painter Strong tone and once that dried I mix Bonewhite with Dead White (72.001) and drybrushed the spine with it, which, I feel gives some great depth.

After that I tidied up the model and went over the areas that I missed with the appropriate colour, including some wires that I missed and needed to be painted with Escorpena Green.

Although I've only shown one Harbinger I have in fact painted two, (the second one arrived after I started this one and follows the same process). So that's my Oppressor and Ravagers with a transports ready for Invasion.

My next posts will be covering Invasion 2016, and Ravagers.

Painting: Dropzone Commander - Scourge: Oppressor

So next up on the painting table is the experimental scourge command unit the MECHA CRAB - sorry I mean Oppressor. Yes he will be my command choice for Invasion, which no doubt will be the same for every other scourge player that attends.

Anyway, as always all paints used are Vallejo unless stated otherwise, with the addition of tears again - why! why did I chose this paint scheme, I see lines when I close my eyes! - and gnarled fingers.

Firstly the Oppressor was undercoated with Halfords Matt Black spray, then coated with Hexed Lichen (72.015)

Once the Hexed Lichen had dried Army Painter Dark Tone was heavily applied. After which, once the Dark Tone was dry, Squid pink (72.013) was drybrushed all over.

Then Escorpena Green (72.032) was applied to the vents, sensors and what appears to be cables. Gun Metal (72.054) was added to the rings that coil over the guns and the vent rims

Black (72.051) was then painted on the claws/feet. I chose this black instead of the usual black I use because it has a shine to it and I want the claws/feet to look sinisterly sharp.

Dark Tone was then applied to the vents and cables, as well as the areas that were painted with gun metal. The vents and cables were then drybrushed with Livery green (72.033) once the Dark Tone had dried. The areas painted gun metal were then lightly highlighted with Chainmail silver (72.053).

Next was the hand mangling, tear inducing "exoskeleton" phase. (In light of this my Shaltari force (oh yes, new year new army - coming soon, watch this space) will have a simple scheme). Anyway I digress. Using three different varieties of brush I painstakingly painted each line on the oppressor with Bonewhite (72.034); some were easy and took the direct approach, others I had to be a delicate as holding a butterfly and not killing it. But in the end it was done and I'm happy with the results.

Finally I smothered the majority of the model with Matt Varnish (70.520), apart from the feet/claws on which I used Gloss Varnish (70.510)

Monday, 25 January 2016

Wasteman commeth

So my wasteman KS arrived today!
Lots of goodies inside, I'll be posting a full review of the contents in the very near future!
Watch this space waste fans

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Painting: Dropzone Commander - Scourge: Intruder Alpha

With Invasion 2016 rapidly approaching I have been concentrating on painting my scourge reinforcements.

As I touched on with my destroyers, my paint scheme is a little ambitious, it's not a new scheme I've been following it since I started collecting scourge in 2013 but it can certainly be...eye opening.

So below you will find below my painted Intruders. Unless stated otherwise Vallejo paints have been used along with tears of frustration and pain from cramp.

Stage one: the Intruders were primed in Halfords Matt black spray, then liberally coated with Hexed Lichen (72.015). Once dry they were drowned in Army Painter: Dark Tone.

Next the model was given a good going over with a drybrush of Squid pink (72.013). Then the vents and sensors were painted with Escorpena Green (72.032) and the rim of the vents were painted with Gun Metal (72.054)

The vents and the rim of the vents were then washed with Army Painter Dark Tone. When dry the vents were drybrushed with Livery green (72.033). This darkened the vents allowing the sensors to stand out on their own.

I then painstakingly painted each line as carefully as I could with Bonewhite (72.034). Once completed I touched up where I needed to, making tidy looking. I finally applied Matt Varnish (70.520)

There we have it, two intruders ready to carry my destroyers into battle!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

1st Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my blog!

On this day in 2015 I started my new years resolution of creating this blog to document my painting and model building; although I got off to a slow start it seems to have gone fairly well in both reminding myself on my painting schemes as well as helping others.

All in all 2015 was quite a year for me and this hobby.

I bought/received the following rulebooks
Dust Tactics
Black Powder
Pike & Shotte
Hail Ceaser
Lion Rampant
Kings of War - KS backed in not entirely sure it counts
Across the dead earth - originally had the PDF in 2014 but wanted a hard copy

So that's 6 new games systems (I'm counting King of war as I wasn't playing that until I got the rulebook)! Luckily I had models that could work across more than just the one system.

I also, eventually, sold off all the DUST tactics; the game was enjoyable but there wasn't a local player base and the online community was destroying itself due to the KS fiasco.

I backed 3 Kickstarters
Dropfleet commander

And spent a small fortune on models, granted I bought some to sell on,

Other than spending a selfish amount of money I played lots of games; I lost most (maintaining my reputation) but I enjoyed each and every game (well....most of them).

So what are my plans for 2016?

  • Maintain the momentum of this blog - maybe add battle reports etc, not sure though as I never really seem to have the patience - I have added games played and end result at the top left, but doesn't seem to show when mobile browsing - sorry guys
  • Not to spend nearly as much money on miniatures
  • Clear my backlog

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Painting: Dropzone Commander - Scourge: Destroyers


I thought I would kick this year off with the painting of my scourge destroyers.

Now my scourge paint scheme is a little on the optimistic side, as you'll see throughout my next few planned posts.

As ever all paints used are Vallejo unless otherwise stated.

I started with an undercoat of Matt Black spray (Halfords), once dried I painted them in Hexed Lichen (72.015)*

Next I smothered the models in Army painter Dark Tone, then, when the tone was dry, I drybrushed Squid pink (72.013). Followed by painting the vents on the back, eyes and gun energy cells in Escorpena Green (72.032). Next I painted the helmet, gun barrels and outside of the vents Gun Metal (72.054)

I then applied Army painter strong tone to the areas of Escorpena green (except the eyes) and GW Nuln oil to the areas of Gun Metal. Once these washes were dry I drybrushed the green areas with Livery green (72.033) and the metals areas with Chainmail silver (72.053)

Next I painted - very carefully - the teeth with Plague Brown (79.039) and then the "exoskeleton" with Bonewhite (72.034) using very light brushstrokes, almost like drybrushing. Then Army Painter Strong Tone was applied to the teeth and the shoulders.

After that the bases were painted black (I tried grey but felt the models didn't stand out enough) and covered them in Matt Varnish (70.520)

My destroyers are ready!

These were much better to paint than I anticipated in my original post (click here for that post). The detail really came through when the paint and wash was applied.

*Edit: I initially wrote Royal Purple (72.016) but that was incorrect.