Monday, 25 February 2019

Painting: Games Workshop: Warhammer 40k: Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard)/Genestealer cult brood brothers

After painting my Astra Militarum/GC Brood brothers I thought it best to document this quick process I am following.

For these I have gone for an urban look; concentrating on grey.

I have mostly used paints from the Vallejo colour range, unless indicated otherwise

The standard process is as follows:
  • Undercoating in grey.
  • Paint any leather with Beasty brown (72.043)
  • Paint the lasgun/Autocannon barrel in Gun metal grey (Model color: 70.863) and the bayonet in Chainmail (72.053)
  • Boots are painted GW Abbadon Black
  • Flesh is painted Tan (72.066).
  • Touch up the grey areas with Cold grey (72.050) where I've gone over with other paints or where the undercoat hasn't reached
  • Cover everything except the flesh in AP Dark Tone
  • Once the Dark tone has dried I dry brush Stonewall grey (72.049) all over, then I paint the iconography with the same.
  • Paint the bayonet blade with Silver (72.052).
  • Then the flesh is painted with Dwarf skin (72.041)
  • PVA is added to the base and the base is dipped into fine ballast.
  • The rim of the base is painted with GW Abbadon Black
The extras:
Vox caster radio: Chainmail: (72.053)

Banner pole: Chainmail: (72.053)
Gold trim: Glorious Gold (72.056)
GW Red then Bloody red (72.010)
Stonewall grey (72.049) on the skull
Plague brown (72.039) on the scroll
AP dark tone all over
Bonewhite (72.034) over the scroll once the dark tone dried
Drybrush the banner with Stonewall grey (72.049)
GW Black around the bullet holes

Plague brown (72.039)
AP strong tone
Bonewhite (72.034)

Cold grey (72.050)
Dark Tone
Drybrush Stonewall grey (72.049) and stonegrey on iconography 

Tan (72.066) 
Dwarf fleshskin (72.041)

Belt/Leather items
Beasty brown (72.043)
Dark tone

Cam Olive Green (Model Color: 70.894)
Dark Tone

Casing Cold grey (72.050)
Barrel: Gunmetal grey (Model Color:
Bayonet: Chainmail (72.053)
Dark Tone
Bayonet blade: Silver (72.052)

GW Abbadon Black

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Painting: Games Workshop: Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt: Glaive wraith stalkers

Following the completion of my Glaive wraith stalkers as part of my February objective I thought it's time that I document the process I follow, although it's similar to the Bladegheist Revenants post, there are some subtle differences

In most cases I used Vallejo game colour paints, where a different make was used it's indicated as such.

I started with a White undercoat

Next I painted the Glaive blades and fencing on the bases with GW Abaddon black

I wanted the blade to look old and rusted so used the following process:
Dark flesh (72.044) dabbed, 
Beasty brown (72.043) dabbed
Parasite brown (72.042) dabbed
Orange Fire (72.008) dabbed
Chainmail (72.053) drybrushed along the edges

Next I painted the glaive shaft with Charred brown (72.045)

The I painted the skull heads and spine spikes with Bonewhite (72.034), after which I washed with AP strong tone. Once this dried I applied a light coat of Bonewhite (72.034)

Next I used White primer (72.002) to go over the areas where the metal colours spilt over (this can take several coats), I also applied White primer (72.002) where the undercoat hadn't quite covered sufficiently

Then I applied AP Green tone on ethereal robes, starting with lots at the top and moving downwards so it thins out as it move down.

Next I touch up the arms with Dead White (72.001) and then dry brush the green cloth with the same white

With the models complete I covered the base in sand, painted the base in Charred Brown (72.045), the edges in black. The, using PVA I stick cotton wool to the base to create a ghostly fog look

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Well that was quick...

I have already completed my planned projects for this month...

It seems that a combination of snow days, hobbying when I should be working from home and a simple paint scheme has resulted in the completion of my planned projects way earlier than expected.

Luckily I pre-ordered the Genestealer Cult Clamavus so now that he's arrived he's go straight to the top of the painting pile!