Wednesday, 2 January 2019

An attempt at a return

So it's 2019! Happy new year.

Essentially 2018 was a terrible year for my blog, barely posting anything, due to a case of pretty much painting what has already been blogged about, hectic personal life and massive case of CBA (taking and editing photos is a big pita!).

However I would like this year to be different; not only does this blog help me document my painting process but it also is a good link when people ask how I painted a model and what paints I used.

Further to this I want to set myself monthly goals in an attempt to not only record what I've achieved painting wise in a year but also to provide some drive to finish models/armies that have been sat incomplete for months.

So for January I plan to finish
A unit of 10 Genestealer cult Neophytes
A unit of 10 Nighthaunt bladegheist
2 Sentinels

Maybe I'm overdoing it in the first month but only time will tell.

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