Monday, 4 March 2019

Painting: Games Workshop: Warhammer 40k: Genestealer Cult: Clamavus

As per my previous updates I have finished the Clamavus

Now the thing I have learnt with the Clamavus is that this model should be painted on the sprue!. I am a firm believer in building models and then painting them as this usually creates a better bond on the contact points. However I wish in this case I had made an exception as there are lots of awkward areas that can't be reached once the model is built and I know they are there...mocking me in their unpainted...nay! naked form!

Anyway...moving on.

This model was painted using mostly Vallejo colour range paints, unless stated otherwise.

I started undercoating the model in Grey

Next I painted the cloth with GW Mephiston Red
Then I painted the staff with chainmail (72.053) but I wasn't keen so I painted it bright brass, which was still too bright so I rummaged through my paint collection where I found a dark metallic paint called Tinny Tin (72.060) which was exactly what I was looking for!
The speakers, control panel and backpack were painted in chainmail
Next I painted the pistol holster, tapes, cable to the speaker staff, boots and any straps in GW Abbadon Black
I painted the radiowave locator in Stonewall grey (72.049)
Then I paint a button on the tape deck and some cables with GW Mephiston Red
Next I painted the remaining cables in Iyanden Darksun (GW foundation yellow) then added black stripes
Then the flesh was painted with Tan (72.066)
The exterior of the book under foot was painted with Charred brown (72.045),, and the pages painted with plague brown (72.039)
Next I washed the whole model in AP dark Tone

Once the dark tone was dry I highlight the armour with Stonewall grey (72.049)
The cloth was highlighted with Bloody red (72.010)
The flesh was then painted with Dwarf flesh (72.041) and highlighted in GW Elf flesh

The base was then coated in GW Astra Granite debris, washed with AP dark tone, then highlighted with stonewall grey, and the edge of the base of painted black.

A brief summary
  • Cloth, some wires and a button on the tape player in GW Mephiston Red
  • Gun holster, straps, tapes & boots in GW Abbadon Black
  • speaker, backpack, control panel in Chainmail (72.053)
  • Radiowave in Stonewall grey (72.049)
  • Cables in GW foundation yellow & GW Abbadon Black
  • Book Charred brown (72.045), with the paper plague brown (72.039)
  • Cult symbol bright bronze (72.057)
  • Flesh: Tan (72.066), AP Dark Tone, Dwarf flesh (72.041), GW Elf skintone highlight

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