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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Miniatures: Bolt Action - Soviet BA-64

I'm still struggling to get back into the swing of posting blog updates, but I feel this one is required to aid my fellow wargamers!

So I'll be looking at the Soviet BA-64 armoured car for Bolt action 

The model

The model consists of 8 parts: 1 Resin vehicle, 1 resin turret, 4 metal wheels, 1 MMG, 1 light with the optional extra of a crew member with a selection of arms.

The detail on these parts are as good as you'd expect for an armoured car (lets be honest they aren't exactly ornate), and typical for Warlord.

Building of the model

The resin model had some flash that needed to be trimmed and cut, especially on the wheel nubs, but once that was removed and the metal flash had been trimmed, it all went together nicely.

The issue I had was the pieces below, the part on the left was clearly the MMG, however the piece on the right stumped me for ages. It looked like a small MMG like I had when I built my T34s, but I couldn't work out where it went. After several searches I realised that it is the light! so my wargaming friends, if you're as unaware as I am about parts I can tell you this is a light.

There is a small hole on the main chassis for this to go into, but it wasn't quite deep enough so I had to drill it to allow the light to fit.

The metal wheels have indents in them that fit nubs on the chassis.

I found the MMG frustrating to place, as it kept falling to one side, so it was a case of holding it in place while the glue dried.

I didn't glue the turret so it could be removed during the game.

The crew member that came with the model seemed oversized to me, so I didn't use him.

There we have it, one BA-64 ready to roll out onto the battlefield.

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