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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Painting: Ancient British Warriors

So when I started painting these I found the concept of tartan or other traditional "Celt" colours a little daunting and as these were going to be used more for Frostgrave or other non-Hail Caesar games I decided to go with plain colours.

I have since watched the new "Asterix" film (with my 6yo honest) and feel inspired to try another techniques, so watch this space...in the mean time the below is how I painted what I did.

As ever the colours used were mainly Vallejo game colour unless stated otherwise

Dark fleshtone (72.044) all over
Tan (72.066), on raised areas
Dwarf Skin (72.041) over most of the Tan areas

Earth 72.062
Strong tone

Bestial brown 72.043
Strong tone

Cold grey 72.050
Dark tone

GW foundation paint Macharius solar orange
Orange fire 72.008
Strong tone

GW foundation paint Iyanden darksun
Gold yellow 72.007
Soft tone

Spear shaft
Plague brown 72.039
Strong tone

Earth 72.062
Strong tone

Leather: Shoes, Belt etc
Charred Brown 72.045
AP Dark Tone
Bestial Brown 72.043

Swords & spear heads
Chainmail 72.053
GW Wash: Nuln oil
Drybrush: Silver 72.052

Jewelry (Gold technique was used for the horn)
Bronze 72.057
GW Wash: Nuln oil

GW Wash: Nuln oil
Drybrush: Silver 72.052

The bases were covered in PVA then sand was liberally added, once dry the sand was painted with Black (72.051), then Charred Brown (72.045) and then static grass was applied.

Ultramarine blue 72.022
AP Dark tone
Drybrush: Magic blue 72.021

Red base 
Strong tone
Drybrush: Blood red 72.010
Camo 72.031
Strong tone
Drybrush: Sick green 72.029

British battledress (FoW paint range)
Strong tone
Drybrush: Earth 72.062

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