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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Painting Bolt Action: Soviet Weapons team

So after dealing with my infantry, and finding a scheme I was mostly happy with I have painted up my weapons teams.

Below is a summary of how I did it.

Undercoat of Army Painter Desert Yellow
  • Flat Earth (70.983) for the webbing
  • Cam Olive Green (70.894) for the helmets
  • Luftwaffe camo green (70.823) for canteen, grenades, Mortar, Maxim MMG and magazine box
  • Tan Earth (70.874) for the bedrolls and bags
  • Beasty brown (72.043) for the gun stocks, handle of the knife and some hair
  • Black (72.051) was used on gun barrels, ammo casing, boots and some hair
  • Gunmetal grey (70.863) for the guns, followed by a black wash
  • Gunmetal (72.054) for the bullets of the MMG and the mortat shell
  • GW Mephiston Red was used on the Soviet Stars on the hats and magazine case
  • Army Painter Strong tone wash over the majority of the model, but not the flesh.
  • Uniform drybrushed with Plague Brown (72.039)
  • Helmets, mortar and MMG are drybrushed with Gunmetal (72.054) to give scratched look
  • Boots are drybrushed with Stonewall gray (72.049)
  • Webbing with Leather Brown (72.040)
  • Bedroll and bags with Khaki (70.988)
  • For the flesh I took my time compared to the infantry and used Dark fleshtone (72.044), then Tan (72.066), then Dwarf Skin (72.041)
  • Some AP dark tone around the face to act as facial hair (this is applied then dabbed off with a tissue)
  • Matt Varnish (70.520) all over

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