Dropzone Commander Escalation league rules

Here is the overview on how the DZC escalation league I'm running works:

Like the "tale of 4 gamers" from white dwarf we will be gradually building up to a 1500 force.
The rules are as follows:
You must have a dzc starter
Any models purchased must be built and painted in the designated month.
You must have at least 1 official game a month, the pairing will be decided by Karl Turner-Howe or Graeme Noble.
You must post your progress once a month on here. You can do it as a comment or as a link to your blog (if you have one)
Other than that it doesn't matter if there are duplicate forces, if you play more than one game or where you play.

As of March the scoring system will be applied using the standard Hawk Tournament template found in Reconquest Phase 1 and here: Dropzone Commander Official Tournament Pack:http://www.hawkwargames.com/blogs/events

In addition to the above there will be painting points, these are added at the end of each month: Painting points are an additional 5 VP for all the items you designated to paint for that month. 
For example: 5 points for the starter set in Feb, 5 Points for command vehicle (and associated transport) for March
5 points for all the items you declare you will paint that will feature in your 1k list in April
5 points for all the items you declare you will paint that will feature in your 1.5k list in May

Complete the tournament results form at the back of the pack and hand to me. I'll keep track of the results and post the details.

February: starter set
March: 750 points (starter set and command vehicle only (no special commanders))
April: 1000 points
May: 1500 points

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